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Calm Before the Storm…

As most of you have read on my FB or Twitter, your fave hot mess has landed a BIG GIRL JOB! And if you were wondering did hell freeze over?! The answer is no, because it’s still freaking 95 degrees out here in the land of humidity AKA Florida.

I start as the new sales admin for a local shipping company on Monday…and I am a bit nervous. Not because of the job and what it entails, just the fact that I will be nearly (ok 35 hours) full-time there, full-time at USF and part-time SMom. Throw in that 35 mile drive to BFE 2-3 times a week followed by class then work. Add a night class-which is a whopping 3 hours and all the other shit I tend to over commit myself to and you may flip out for me! LOL. We all know I am OCD and have every millisecond mapped out, but with a 5 yr old SD SHIT happens. And it’s normally at the worst times, obviously!

In other news:

School: my professors are pretty legit and I’m actually really into my Biopolitics class. We Americans sure  used to be some real heartless assholes! Example: Tuskegee Syphilis Study or when we “allegedly” established a fake hepatitis B vaccination (in lieu of the Polio one that was needed) campaign in Pakistan to help apprehend its most wanted man; Bin Laden. Way to go Merica, nothing says trust like faking out sick people! VOM. Seriously though, look that shit up. It’s pretty interesting.

Travel:  just got back  Monday night from a mini vacay in Orlando with a few friends and had an AWESOME time. So awesome that I in fact will be detoxing and working out like a nutbag for the next month prior to our next mini vacay…you know, in all that extra time I will have soon. Up next is my 10 year high school reunion (Side Note: GET YOUR CHECKS IN SLACKING COUGAR ALUMNI) in St. Pete in mid October followed by NYC for turkey day. The mom will be in town for Halloween and we are staying one night at Disney for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween shin-dig, so I guess that counts too haha!

Life: Good in general. Hubs business is thriving, I nailed a job, dogs are good and SD’s behavior has been pretty on point. Tiffs here and there with BM, but that is just par for the course on this blog isn’t it?! I am happy to admit that I will be pulling out of that more and more as I get busier with work and school. I will no longer be the go to for appointments or other randoms. I decided its more than time to get on with me and if other people fall to the wayside (hubs being an exception), then so be it.

FitnASS: if you aren’t following me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/MandaB11), shame on you. If you are, then you know it’s #SquatSeptember and I am up to 70 today. Start with a lower goal and add 5 on everyday. Your ass and/or significant other can thank me & @gymratdiaries later. Back on the cardio grind and a new B complex supplement. No more fatty food until I can drink my face off with it…and we’re on day 2 of that so lets see how I feel next week haha!

Todays Dinner: Greek chicken pitas with cukes, golden cherry toms, onion, light feta, tzatsiki sauce & spinach couscous. Also whipped up a batch of pumpkin cake; which is only a can of pumpkin and a box of sugar free yellow cake mix baked at 350 for like 30 min or so. DELISH.

That’s all I’ve got for ya today kids. Til next week! <3


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Hello, my name is “THAT (S)MOM”…

Soooo here we are on day two of the first week of school! YAY! I must admit although I have dreamt about this for a couple years (to avoid daycare costs and 24/7 entertaining SD), it is a bit odd. I mean I know I didn’t birth her (praise cheesus to that), but it is still a little mind-blowing that SD is in real life school, not some BS 3 hour VPK nonsense.

A kindergartener?! REALLY?! Am I that old!? Shit. 

Anyhoo, there has been a trending convo that my other mom (& mostly my baffled non mom) friends in the past couple weeks: being THAT MOM. I am first to admit that I am OCD, need a paper trail for most communication or agreements, and have my calendar filled in through December. I think you all know a “THAT MOM”, in fact you do…MEEEEEE :)  We are the ones who made gifts for the kids and teacher on their first day, the ones that make peanut butter banana sushi in lunches, the PTA pushing, overly involved ladies! I think that the evolution of Pinterest and how easily anyone can access crafty awesomeness on blogs has a LOT to do with the outrageous things us moms and smoms are doing with our “free time”. But seriously, what kid doesn’t want pb nanner sushi in their lunch!? I sure as hell would! I had these gems ready to go for the first day over a week ago:

Obvi I didn’t hand out an empty vase! Flowers were added the night before. DUH.

The truth is I am an ass kissing-overachiever by nature and I LOVE giving gifts. Ok, and I don’t mind out doing people either LOL! I had my volunteer app turned in June. Outfits are picked out for SD for the next 3 weeks (mind you we are on every other day visitation so it’s not THAT much to have together). I had a letter for our teacher in hand on orientation to explain our parenting plan and the bonkers amount of travel that SD would be encountering on our days (45 min, 33 mile trip one way) because I am concerned it may get crazy and I wanted her to be in the loop. And last night I already wrote another note asking how I could help and explaining that there would be clothing back and forth daily in her bag. A bit much? Maybe…but I like to cover my ass and be prepared.

This fall is my LAST full semester at USF, and I have 15 credit hours (3 courses on campus and 2 online). I’d say about mid September my head will spin trying to keep up with kindergarten happenings, my school work, a potential job and keeping this house in order-stay tuned for that doozie of a post! Hence, I am prepared before shit hits the fan. I have Labor Day vacay planned, Halloween mapped out-costume and all, visitation break downs through December, Thanksgiving in NYC set to book this weekend, Christmas Eve dinner reservations set (BTW I only had to call 35 times to get through to WDW dining… But Be Our Guest Restaurant  looks SO worth it), and lots of other ridiculous shit handled…but it is HANDLED and everyone who is being  judgey can kiss my ass :)

I’ll check back in after my first experience in the “car rider line”  on Friday. I’m sure I will get yelled at or nearly truck a kid with the X5. Wh0ops!


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Slacker May Update

I know, I know. I have been SLACKING. My bad!

Let’s see if I can distract myself from the 100 pages I have to read for Judicial Process and Politics tomorrow morning for a bit longer by doing a May recap, since this month has FLOWN by…

Family Cruise: Was lots of fun, minus SD acting a fool. She managed to almost get kicked out of “Camp Carnival” for pushing kids and not following directions. AWESOME! Buckets of beer=$22. Yep, 4 16oz beers are as more than a case on land. Our tequila made it on but the “soda” did not. Womp Womp. I thought I was so crafty hot gluing those boxed back lol. We left on Cinco de Mayo so the tequila was still relevant. And lemonade is free, so we had make shift margs for day one and 2?! We also ordered a bottle to our room from the Bon Voyage services, and I highly recommend doing that if you are cruising. $55 for a handle of Skye-pricey but not as pricey as individual drinks. Grand Cayman was the first stop, we took SD to StingRay City and that was GORGEOUS. The water was crystal clear. Snorkeling was the second half of that excursion and SD and I opted out while Hubs played around in the ocean. I was sure she was going to swallow a gallon of salt water and I would be the a-hole with the puking kid all the way back to shore LOL. Second port was Cozumel and after said Camp Carnival incident and the tude that followed, SD didn’t get to go on shore with us there. So being KID FREE we clearly opted for the all you can drink beach day “at leisure”…I’d also like to call this the “who can make friends with randoms and try and out drink them for 8 hours day” because that is how it went down! Good times! I also managed to purchase some Mexican Adipex that I am convinced may be crack. STRONG is the best word to describe it. <3

StingRay City…I need a raft, a beer and this in my life NOW PLEASE!

School: USF has pissed me off again by cancelling two of my classes I was registered for. So that leaves me with Spanish 2 at HCC, Judicial Process & Politics at USF on campus and Life after Death online at USF. Fortunately the online course is a “self paced” class so more than likely I will procrastinate until the end of the semester to even attempt that. HA! 10 hours in 10 weeks, not too horrifying. Fall is going to be another story with 15 hours :-/ At least I graduate in May of 2013?! I GUESS THAT WILL DO…

Family: Dramatic as usual. Probs with Pops, although he has scored a new job set to start tomorrow. SD and her tude need to change. Hubs is awesome and I am a stress ball as usual. Gramps is sick but I think they finally found out what is wrong with him, so that’s a plus. And I guess I need to go out at see my brother’s grave sometime soon and change out the flowers…hmmm yeah. Write that down. BM drama is at a lull and we really have made some strides with all of that mess in the past few weeks. SD will be going to BM’s school in the other county, but whatevs it works out for us too in other ways. What’s a 66 mile round trip 15-20 times a month when you have a leased high end SUV (pardon me BMW, SAV: Sport Activity Vehicle)?! PENNIES isn’t the answer haha.  Maybe life will be “normal” here soon?! Doubt it.

Misc: My Pinterest addition has gotten worse. I am trying the Pioneer Woman Meat Balls for dinner this week. People are swearing by this woman’s blog and recipes so I will give it a whirl! I just baked my “hard boiled” eggs (really much easier). It has to be a clinical sickness how much crap I pin, but at least it spices up my weekly menu. Tonight is chili lime tilapia, roasted sweet potatoes & broccoli. YUM. I really have issues with food lol. Prob going to try to make the avocado egg salad I pinned a bit ago for lunch…even though it is 2pm. Clearly slacking is the theme this month. Follow me on Pinterest, I occasionally post my own stuff too :)


Ummm what else?! Bought tickets to Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan in August, that should be a good time! School is out July 20th at USF-HOORAY. Still trying to nail down kid friendly 4th of July plans but this mid week crap blows. Hubs bday is the day prior (oh God, 29…one more year for the baby factory to be open HAHAHA) so we HAVE to do something. I applied for the Obama Organizing Fellowship for the Summer so maybe I will get that and have tons of awesome political stories for all of you! Fun stuff here, I tell ya ;)

That’s all I’ve got today betches! Time to read, shampoo carpets and maybe shower?! MAYBE. Muahahaha.


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