My life is the engine of a train I’d like to call the Hot Mess Express. I like all things vodka. Had my first sip of the sauce back in 98’…good ol’ Skole & Surge. My friends & I are classy like that. Life has given me a whole damn grove of lemons, but fortunately for all of you I know how to make lemon drops. Right meow I’m a Poli Sci grad from USF turned logistics aficionado. Currently starring as wife, step mom, preggers, foodie & wanna be wine-o. Slightly OCD, impatient, sarcastic, foul-mouthed, realist, southern, blonde (paid for), alcohol connoisseur, & witty are how I could be  best described. I don’t believe in magic. I work & party hard. I’m not sorry-get over it :)

that’s a whole lot of weave kids (2010)

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