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Slacker May Update

I know, I know. I have been SLACKING. My bad!

Let’s see if I can distract myself from the 100 pages I have to read for Judicial Process and Politics tomorrow morning for a bit longer by doing a May recap, since this month has FLOWN by…

Family Cruise: Was lots of fun, minus SD acting a fool. She managed to almost get kicked out of “Camp Carnival” for pushing kids and not following directions. AWESOME! Buckets of beer=$22. Yep, 4 16oz beers are as more than a case on land. Our tequila made it on but the “soda” did not. Womp Womp. I thought I was so crafty hot gluing those boxed back lol. We left on Cinco de Mayo so the tequila was still relevant. And lemonade is free, so we had make shift margs for day one and 2?! We also ordered a bottle to our room from the Bon Voyage services, and I highly recommend doing that if you are cruising. $55 for a handle of Skye-pricey but not as pricey as individual drinks. Grand Cayman was the first stop, we took SD to StingRay City and that was GORGEOUS. The water was crystal clear. Snorkeling was the second half of that excursion and SD and I opted out while Hubs played around in the ocean. I was sure she was going to swallow a gallon of salt water and I would be the a-hole with the puking kid all the way back to shore LOL. Second port was Cozumel and after said Camp Carnival incident and the tude that followed, SD didn’t get to go on shore with us there. So being KID FREE we clearly opted for the all you can drink beach day “at leisure”…I’d also like to call this the “who can make friends with randoms and try and out drink them for 8 hours day” because that is how it went down! Good times! I also managed to purchase some Mexican Adipex that I am convinced may be crack. STRONG is the best word to describe it. <3

StingRay City…I need a raft, a beer and this in my life NOW PLEASE!

School: USF has pissed me off again by cancelling two of my classes I was registered for. So that leaves me with Spanish 2 at HCC, Judicial Process & Politics at USF on campus and Life after Death online at USF. Fortunately the online course is a “self paced” class so more than likely I will procrastinate until the end of the semester to even attempt that. HA! 10 hours in 10 weeks, not too horrifying. Fall is going to be another story with 15 hours :-/ At least I graduate in May of 2013?! I GUESS THAT WILL DO…

Family: Dramatic as usual. Probs with Pops, although he has scored a new job set to start tomorrow. SD and her tude need to change. Hubs is awesome and I am a stress ball as usual. Gramps is sick but I think they finally found out what is wrong with him, so that’s a plus. And I guess I need to go out at see my brother’s grave sometime soon and change out the flowers…hmmm yeah. Write that down. BM drama is at a lull and we really have made some strides with all of that mess in the past few weeks. SD will be going to BM’s school in the other county, but whatevs it works out for us too in other ways. What’s a 66 mile round trip 15-20 times a month when you have a leased high end SUV (pardon me BMW, SAV: Sport Activity Vehicle)?! PENNIES isn’t the answer haha. ┬áMaybe life will be “normal” here soon?! Doubt it.

Misc: My Pinterest addition has gotten worse. I am trying the Pioneer Woman Meat Balls for dinner this week. People are swearing by this woman’s blog and recipes so I will give it a whirl! I just baked my “hard boiled” eggs (really much easier). It has to be a clinical sickness how much crap I pin, but at least it spices up my weekly menu. Tonight is chili lime tilapia, roasted sweet potatoes & broccoli. YUM. I really have issues with food lol. Prob going to try to make the avocado egg salad I pinned a bit ago for lunch…even though it is 2pm. Clearly slacking is the theme this month. Follow me on Pinterest, I occasionally post my own stuff too :)

Ummm what else?! Bought tickets to Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan in August, that should be a good time! School is out July 20th at USF-HOORAY. Still trying to nail down kid friendly 4th of July plans but this mid week crap blows. Hubs bday is the day prior (oh God, 29…one more year for the baby factory to be open HAHAHA) so we HAVE to do something. I applied for the Obama Organizing Fellowship for the Summer so maybe I will get that and have tons of awesome political stories for all of you! Fun stuff here, I tell ya ;)

That’s all I’ve got today betches! Time to read, shampoo carpets and maybe shower?! MAYBE. Muahahaha.


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