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Shit my SD says

Yep, the 5 yr old sure says some doozies! I will update as more random and possibly inappropriate crap flies out of her mouth…feel free to add your own kids (or mine) words as a comment!

  • “Amanda, here is a bell…I will ring it when I need you”
  • “When will I get boobies? My Nana’s boobies are long will they look like those?” Sorry NJ, she said it not me!
  • “What’s a wiener?!”
  • “Can I get you a beard?” Note beard=beer and she will ask at all hours of the day haha. here’s my sign?
  • “Are you paying with my Daddy’s money? Because you don’t have a job” This was at the counter at Juicy…sure was Daddy’s money dear ;)
  • “Red solo poop, I feel you poop…let’s have a poooooopppppy! Proceed to poopy!”
  • “Amanda you are never ever gonna have babies if you keep taking your no baby medicine!”
  • “We don’t ever go anywhere fun except Disney, Unibersal, the beach…” umm really?!
REALLY LATE UPDATE (all from 4/21 randomly at the Rat’s house (CEC)):
  • “It’s Justin Beiber that attacts me”
  • One time I showered with Nana and she was naked and it looked like freckles and old stuff”
  • SD: “When can I get a tattoo?” BD: “Never, I’ll be mad at you” SD: “Well you won’t know cause I’ll be in New Nork, you know that!” uhhhhh what?! lol.

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Is “thick” a compliment?!

Seriously…I was in my International Relations class the other day talking with some people while we were waiting on our professor and the topic turned to fitness and work out tips. Of course I chimed in, that is my shit. I was telling them about my love for Body Pump and the Nike Training Club app when the 92lb black girl says “I want to be thick like you girl, what exactly do you do?” UMMMM?! I’m sorry but I don’t know if I should thank you or smack you! I guess this is a cultural compliment that my white “thick” ass doesn’t quite get lol.

I mean look, I get it. I am built like some sort of 90’s freakshow gymnast (I say 90’s because now they all look so tall and lean in comparison to the ones I grew up idolizing) with tree trunk thighs and a huge ass. But it isn’t some obsession with the “Brazillian Butt” crap they are advertising or anything recent for that matter that has achieved this “thickness”. I can leg press 175lbs, do billions of squats and throw my ass over my head in tumbling because of a life time of ass growing work. Gymnastics to dance to cheerleading is the road that lead me to this figure. I don’t hate it, but I’m not exactly a fan of having to A) buy a size up in bottoms so that my ass will fit or B) purchasing APPLE BOTTOMS or BABY PHAT to accommodate this monster. After losing 20lbs recently I don’t really like the word thick. LOL. Bottom line (HA!) is I’d rather have this badonkadonk then some pancake ass, so thanks tiny black girl in my class-I think I like what you said?!

Anyhoo, time for house work. 12:30 VPK pick up rolls around fast and that’s followed by errands, gym (coincidentally its legs day) and the pool. Attempting to teach SD to snorkel before our cruise in 17 days…but who’s counting? :)


LOVE this ad. Thank you Nike for keeping it 100!