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Can I have donuts for a snack???

I literally just heard that come out of my 5 yr old SD’s mouth. Seriously. DONUTS. I think my head spun.

This brings me to a huge peeve I have…laziness when it comes to kids nutrition.

I grew up with the luxury of a stay at home mom who packed lunches everyday until probably sophomore year of high school. No square pizza, over processed dino shaped chicken nuggets or juice bags for this girl. I think that is a lot of the reason why I am appalled by what some parents feed their kids. When I hear someone say “Betsy only eats mac n’ cheese, nuggets or pizza” I have to refrain from asking them who the child is! Are you telling me you let your kids pick their foods? Do you play the short order cook at home (if in fact you cook at all) and cater to what they “will eat”. You probably let them have juice boxes or yoohoo with every meal too! Get out of here with that shit!  Are you aware of how many diabetic children there are? How about obese kids? Don’t you know that you are shaping their habits for life right now?


SD gets a protein, veg or fruit and a carb at each meal. One juice a day and the rest of the time it is milk or water…and although we may have to force it down, she drinks it. There are the occasional pizza nights (like once a month unfortunately-I LOVE pizza!), or cereal in the morning but I will bust out a no-sugar applesauce or fresh berries on the side for SOME kind of nutritious value with out even thinking. I’m not claiming to be perfect in the nutrition department (see About page & note the vodka), but I will say it is not that damn hard. SD isn’t too picky unless she asks what something is and decides she doesn’t like it (ex: spaghetti squash or mushrooms), but she sure as hell has to eat it still. Use leftovers from previous dinners, frozen veggies, switch to whole wheat products, whatever it takes to balance those little one’s meals!

But for real parents…GET A GRIP and BE THE BOSS!

SD’s lunch today…a bit blurry, but it’s a chicken burger, strawberries & whole wheat 
mac & cheese


PS-SD had kids greek yogurt for snack instead. SMom win!

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Current Obsessions…

Lately I have started to obsess over a few things, here’s the list for now:

Dang, notice most of this is food? Eh, enjoy!


Blog Virginity


Decided to give this blog thing a whirl. It may actually be a subconscious attempt to get off of Facebook and still be able to share all of my entertaining stories, recipes & pictures-but who knows?! Let’s start with a little disclaimer…if you are easily offended by sarcasm, honesty or real life shit (ok and some foul language) then this probably isn’t for you. For those of you that don’t know me, welcome to the madness. I’ll try and touch on bits and pieces of everything I encounter…from stepmom drama to foodie finds to student probs. Oh, that points out another thing: I abbreviate. Probs, obvs, approp, totes…so get used to decoding that if you are going to follow ;)

Wish me luck betches!


I'll take the third!